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Annual Events


Processed in 2023


Admissions Annually

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Manage rides, attractions, games, and food stands with ease.


Manage gates, VIP passes, food stands, and more.

Music Festivals

Create VIP areas, sell food, and manage drink minimums.


Manage tickets, turnstyles, food and beverage stands, with ease.

Food & Drink

Unify all your food and drink vendors under a single system.


Create VIP areas, sell food, and manage drink minimums.



Cashless ticketing that works like magic

Our Magic Money POS is a contactless and cashless payment solution that makes every part of the customer experience simpler, faster and more fun. Our system is designed to reduce friction so your guests can enjoy everything your event has to offer

Make it easy for your customers to give you their money, and they will give you more of it.



Self-service payments and ticketing

Run a more efficient event with a much smaller team by automating ticket purchases, redemptions and reloads. Our kiosks make the entire process effortless for your staff and for your customers. 

Gain real-time, location specific, insights into guest behaviors, all while reducing friction. 



Powerful and intuitive online ticketing

Our platform has been designed and developed from decades of experience to seamlessly handle every part of online ticket sales for real world events. The result is a robust set of tools that will do what you need and get out of your way.

This is the software we built for ourselves. 



Simple cross platform payments on any device

Create a checkout flow that highlights the unique features of your event. Increase revenue by guiding customers towards the options that are right for them.

Our checkouts work on virtually any device, across all the most popular payment providers, and in a wide selection of languages and currencies.



Integrated Ride Inspection

Inspect rides regularly, record all checks and fixes, train staff, follow safety laws, and keep guests informed for utmost ride safety.



Every customer and every transaction in real time

We’ve designed our Magic Dashboard platform to help you surface the exact information you need to see, when you need to see it. Get a crystal clear picture of your customer behavior and see the exact time and location of every purchase. 

Gain new insights into your customers. Optimize your workflow. Make more money.


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