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A New Alternative to Tickets is Taking Over at Some of NJ’s Fairs and Carnivals

Technology advancements never seem to slow down. Every year something new seems to rise above the horizon forcing us to adapt to a new way of doing things.

Look at the supermarket, for example. Notice how self-checkout is slowly taking over? This is also evident at convenience stores such as Wawa and QuickChek, where self-checkout is becoming the preferred method over waiting for an actual cashier.

The same is true in our homes. Think about how much automation is taking hold with devices such as Alexa. That invention enables you to turn lights on and off, or pretty much anything for that matter, with a simple voice command. And even though that one’s not as widespread as automated checkout, it does point to the advancement of technology in our lives.

This brings us to the point with New Jersey’s fairs and carnivals. Some fairs are opting to eliminate ticket booths staffed by people in favor of automation. In a way, it’s actually much more efficient, even though it does mean having fewer people to employ.

One way of automating at a fair or carnival is by using magic money. But what exactly is that, and how does it work? Let’s dive into it so you have an idea of what to expect if your local fair or carnival decides to go this route.

Magic Money: A new alternative to tickets at some of NJ’s fairs and carnivals

A much simpler way some of New Jersey’s fairs and carnivals are choosing to go when it comes to spending money.

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