MagicMoney has now expanded to MagicTix! 


The Carnival portion of the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo is provided by Crabtree Amusements. The Carnival is a cashless area, meaning no cash is accepted for rides or games – all rides and games can be ridden or played by using “Magic Money.”

Magic Money is the easy way to pay and play in the carnival, utilizing RFID technology to load digital credits onto easy to use wristbands. Magic Money may be purchased and re-loaded at any of the Magic Money kiosks. Guests may also utilize the Magic Money app for payment and additional features. The app can monitor your balance and reload credits. Transactions are made on the Amazon Cloud so it’s secure and safe.

The carnival is held outdoors, and Texas weather is unpredictable. For the safety of our guests, rides are subject to closure due to weather. Please follow the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo Facebook Page for the latest updates on any weather delays.

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