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Iowa State Fair and Talley Amusements Go Digital with the Magic Money

The Future Has Arrived: Iowa State Fair and Talley Amusements Go Digital with the Use of Magic Money’s Innovative Cashless Event Management System

Software Designed Exclusively for Fairs and Amusement Parks Aims to Change the Landscape of Event Management While Enhancing the User Experience and Giving Fairgoers a Better Way to Pay and Play

Charlotte, NC (August 1 , 2017) – Magic Money LLC, is pleased to announce that its full-service Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) based event management system will be utilized at the upcoming 2017 Iowa State Fair, taking place August 10-20 in Des Moines, IA. Fairgoers at the Thrill Park can easily access all rides and games simply by scanning their Magic Money wristbands. This year will mark the first time the fair implements digital software to facilitate ride and game payments.

Texas-based Talley Amusements has also selected Magic Money to be its exclusive ticketing system. Talley transitioned into the paperless ticketing system in May 2017. “Magic Money has been a game-changer,” remarked Mary Talley, Vice President of Talley Amusements. “We had studied all the systems that were available to us for the last two years and the Magic Money system is by far the most technologically advanced and efficient system on the market. Since implementation, we have increased gross sales and reduced costs, all while getting great feedback from our guests.”

Magic Money is an all-encompassing cloud-based suite of applications that cover every aspect of event operations; from front gate ticketing, payment for rides, games, food and beverage, ticket presales, as well as easy app and kiosk based reloads and redemptions. It’s the first event software exclusively designed for amusement parks and fair management. “This is the wave of the future,” states Brett Enright, Founder and President of Magic Money. “Our mission is to enhance the event experience—before, during, and after, for the benefit of both attendees and event management.”

Enright, a seasoned concessionaire with several decades of experience in the industry, owns Juicys™, the nation’s leading outdoor dining and special event food concession company , which generates millions in annual revenue. He conceived Magic Money as a means to eliminate ticket lines, reduce labor costs, and streamline the overall event running process in a space that largely remains paper-based. “We’ve seen the emergence of digital event management software in other industries, such as music festivals and sporting events, but Magic Money is the only system made specifically for fairs and amusement parks,” continued Enright. “We’re confident that our grasp and understanding in this niche will propel Magic Money to change the way people experience fairs and amusement parks forever.”

The implementation of Magic Money will make it easy to Pay and Play at this year’s Iowa State Fair. Additionally, fairgoers can expect shorter lines as attendees can reload their wristbands at any time at the fairgrounds reload stations, Thrill Park booths, or online by using the Magic Money app.

About Magic Money:

Magic Money LLC is a turnkey full -service RFID event management system designed specifically for fair and amusement park event management. A true gate-to -gate cashless solution, this cloud- based suite of applications allows event management to control all aspects of event operations from front gate, rides and games, food and beverage, parking, ticket presales, ride inspection, and on-site reloads and redemptions. Magic Money provides real -time analytics, decreases labor, and eliminates collecting and counting activities while yielding optimal communication between guests and operators to create the ideal event experience for all parties involved.